Two Full Time Mothers Keep Local Gift Shop Active in an Ecommerce Market

In the age of online shopping and popular chains, two full time mothers successfully manage local gift shop Kitsch to promote unique handmade merchandise from over 100 local artists. Kitsch was founded in 2012 by six partners in business together until Danielle Norris and Christine Redel bought it in November of 2017. Both women were … Continue reading Two Full Time Mothers Keep Local Gift Shop Active in an Ecommerce Market


The Power of Wearing Red

Red demonstrates several subtle themes of power, vivacity, danger, authority and self assurance. This vibrant shade is known as the dominant color. When wearing red, it not only resonates with self confidence, but also an assertive and bold demeanor. Believe it or not, gravitating towards the color red when formulating an outfit could reveal something … Continue reading The Power of Wearing Red

Festival Fashion

The season of concerts and music festivals is nearly here, so it’s time to appreciate great music, relaxed vibes and of course, festival fashion. Festival fashion receives its own genre of style since the combination of bohemian and grunge is uniquely adapted at various events. Learning how to balance the two styles, knowing which pieces … Continue reading Festival Fashion

The ‘90s Mom Jean Trend

Trends have a way of recirculating back in style after a designated amount of time. The constantly seen mom jeans with sneakers, crop tops and penny loafers are examples of that. The ‘90s vibe has been going strong for several seasons of fashion now, so it’s time to take it to the next level. The … Continue reading The ‘90s Mom Jean Trend

Understanding French Style

The French take style seriously. Although the typical Parisian façade exists through wearing a beret, a red striped shirt and a silk scarf, classic French style circulates around a few cardinal rules. Be simple, feminine and always très chic. Coco Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Brigitte Bardot and numerous other French fashion icons left an impermeable impression … Continue reading Understanding French Style

Journalism’s Struggle in Mainstream Media

Bloggers and Citizen Journalists Should Adhere to the same Standards as Journalists for the Sake of Mainstream Media Credibility. With the negative association mainstream media has, bloggers and/or citizen journalists should gravitate towards the same ethical guidelines and fact checking processes that journalists must adhere to ensure reliable media trustworthiness. The modern day blogosphere and … Continue reading Journalism’s Struggle in Mainstream Media

Inside Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2017 Collection

Karl Lagerfeld, successful head designer for Chanel, introduced his newest designs for the 2017 spring and summer haute couture collection. The different “sets” within the collection were categorized by style and heavily inspired by the brand’s iconic founder, Coco Chanel. They represent the sophisticated yet girlish side of women’s fashion. The models showcased various fits … Continue reading Inside Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2017 Collection