The Power of Wearing Red

Red demonstrates several subtle themes of power, vivacity, danger, authority and self assurance. This vibrant shade is known as the dominant color. When wearing red, it not only resonates with self confidence, but also an assertive and bold demeanor. Believe it or not, gravitating towards the color red when formulating an outfit could reveal something about your personality.

We see variations of red on a daily basis. Stop signs, emergency vehicles, even lipstick and a professor’s red pen are a few examples. We are trained to associate red with risk, confidence, passion and authority. Red psychologically triggers specific emotions. It demands a reaction to be processed and contemplated.

In the world of art, red is a color that evokes strong emotions of anger, passion, lust and bravado. On the color wheel, it neighbors with pink and darker hues of red. All of the various hues of red, like pink and burgundy, conjure up an emotion of some kind that affiliates with inner passion and energy. By wearing this color, we impart the same sensations.

Even iconic fashion designers value the understated power of red. Classic fashion designer Bill Blass disclosed “When in doubt, wear red,” and also that, “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” Blass received several awards in his career as a fashion designer, and no one would know better than Blass on the subject of fashion. Wearing red cures insecurity and doubt.

During a controversial political climate is a great time to dress in red. Even if you take no interest in politics or which party to vote for, wearing red displays the quintessential political color. In politics, red means victory and power. Quite often politicians will add a subtle red tribute to their ensemble. Men often wear a red tie, and for women, a red pantsuit, lipstick or shoes.

So, how do we create our own personal approach to wearing a bold color without being too politically overbearing? Avoid red pantsuits. The key is coordinating audacious colors with muted hues. Black and white are the perfect colors to pair with red. They are classic, simple and vivacious. Black represents an elegant and sophisticated color, white symbolizes innocence while red compliments them all by tying together elegance, innocence and passion.

Wearing red lipstick, adding a red clutch or slipping into a pair of red shoes are subtle ways of throwing this color in an ensemble to display self-assurance and flair. It can be worn for special events in the form of a little red dress or on a daily basis in the form of a casual pair of flats. A black and white striped blouse paired with blue jeans and red flats is the perfect recipe for a classy and audacious appearance.

Whether your favorite color happens to be red or if you prefer to add a faint hint of it in an outfit, red demonstrates a sense of confidence and exuberance. Red is simply a bold, intrepid and meaningful color. Given that political season is here, now is the perfect time to flaunt this color with a personal finesse to show your dynamic personality.

The Power of Wearing Red

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