Festival Fashion

The season of concerts and music festivals is nearly here, so it’s time to appreciate great music, relaxed vibes and of course, festival fashion. Festival fashion receives its own genre of style since the combination of bohemian and grunge is uniquely adapted at various events. Learning how to balance the two styles, knowing which pieces are essential to have and preparing for unpredictable weather will properly equip you for the season of music festivals.

First of all, every festival goer needs to have a deep appreciation for Coachella fashion. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival attracts thousands of 21st century hippies and music appreciators every year in the Colorado desert. Not only is the cultural aspect attracting, but the fashion as well. Celebrities and fashion icons flock to this event and inspire the masses with their tassels, cut off shorts, flowing floral dresses and strappy gladiator sandals.

Most of festival fashion generates from Coachella, so let’s analyze what the proper festival wardrobe needs.  And perhaps the most essential item is cut off high waisted shorts. Pair them with a crop top, bikini, grungy tee-shirt, lace kimono or almost anything else. Every summer wardrobe, whether it’s festival orientated or not, requires a pair of good high waisted cut offs.

Other important item for festival attire are crop tops galore. Halter necklines, loosely fit, crocheted and off the shoulder ones will carry you fashionably into the rest of summer. Paired with those high waisted shorts and showing a little bit of skin, the concert setting deems it appropriate. So many accessories and layers can be piled on top of a simple cut offs and crop top outfit.

One vital piece for a concert wardrobe is a loosely fit bohemian dress. Nothing screams hippie more than a strappy, flowing and light white dress. It appeals to a carefree and subtle feminine feeling, perfectly matched with a flower crown and sandals. White dresses with hints of lace and slits in the front to show some leg are the perfect festival dress.

Another vital thing to keep in mind is color choices. To fit under the carefree gypsy vibe, wear solids, dusty reds, black, white, intricate bohemian patterns and nothing too bright. Avoid neon colors on most occasions unless the concert is a rave. The perfect festival fabrics compose of any earthy tones or patterns that could appear on an oriental rug. Then you know you’ve done it right.

The best part of festival fashion: piling on accessories. Hats, scarves, flower crowns, body jewelry, feathers, round framed sunglasses, chokers and even face paint flawlessly tie together any festival outfit. Over decorating yourself with gypsy and hippie paraphernalia is seldom acceptable except for at festivals and concerts. Too much doesn’t exist in festival fashion.

The last and one of the most important things to plan for is weather deviations. Chilly winds, blistering humidity and random rain are all plausible during festival season. So having a light rain poncho handy in a backpack or purse is essential. Layering bralettes, lace camis and crop tops not only fits with the festival vibe, but can also help to keep you accountable for unpredictable weather.

Festival fashion appeals to the carefree, youthful and gypsy feeling that summer concerts bring. No other time deems the fashionable rugged outfits suitable. This fun approach to fashion can be personalized and tailored to all girly, hippie, grungy and gypsy styles out there.


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