Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid Review

Finding the perfect self tanner can be difficult sometimes. The price, color, ingredients and longevity are important components that impact each product. With those things in mind, I tried a new product that caught me by surprise. This review focuses on all aspects of tanning brand Fake Bake’s Flawless Self-Tan Liquid.

Due to many horrendous attempts at tanning, I almost gave up on finding tanning products. All of them looked too orange on my pale Scandinavian skin, they were expensive, blotchy and contained unhealthy ingredients too. Not only am I an unbecoming shade of pasty pale, but have extremely sensitive skin too. I admit that I felt a little skeptical about trying the Flawless Self-Tan Liquid.

This product is exceptional quality for its price tag of $26.50. It contains no parabens or other artificial ingredients, which is a perk for those with sensitive skin. It is also cruelty free! The formula has a unique combination of DHA boosted by DMI and Erythulose that enhance the natural glow and longevity of the product. The base color of the liquid is green instead of red, which also helps reduce that fake orange look.

The Flawless Self-Tan Liquid comes with a 6 oz. bottle of the tanning liquid, rubber gloves, a spray nozzle to attach to it and a professional mitt to apply the product. It even smells pleasantly tropical! Once the tanner is applied, it darkens gradually. It is designed to react differently with various skin tones, so the color will vary, yet look natural on whoever applies it correctly.

Before trying it, prepping the body for tanners is important. The first thing to do before applying any tanning product is exfoliating the body and face. Use a body wash or soap bar with tiny granules in it while showering, so that any loose skin on the surface will be removed. When the body is clean, do not moisturize or apply lotion. The color will not darken as much.

I then sprayed the liquid directly onto the fabric side of the mitt instead of applying it to my skin. I sprayed the mitt 2-3 times with the liquid, then rubbed it in circular motions on the body until the pigment was visibly blended. I only sprayed it once when applying it to my face, however. I Periodically sprayed more liquid onto the mitt as needed.

Let the tanner sit and dry for about 5 minutes just to be safe, so no pigment will transfer onto fabric. The color difference instantly changes and will gradually darken as time progresses. The resulting color was not too drastic, so I felt very pleased with how the shade turned out on my skin! Tanners usually appear too orange and fake on me, but this product looked surprisingly natural.

The tan lasted me about a full 2 days and began to fade on the third and fourth, so I just repeated the process and reapplied more liquid to the existing tan—which resulted in a darker shade. The Self-Tan Liquid can be reapplied in layers to increase the dark color of the tan without any blotchiness as long as it has time to dry. This is a great idea for those who want a darker look with a lengthier tan time.

Fake Bake’s Flawless Self-Tan Liquid gets two thumbs up from me! It is a convenient and high quality product to have. It does not last as long as I would prefer, but I think the natural and healthy glow it gave me was worth it. This product offers that achievable natural tan, particularly for people who have sensitive pale skin like me.


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