The ‘90s Mom Jean Trend

Trends have a way of recirculating back in style after a designated amount of time. The constantly seen mom jeans with sneakers, crop tops and penny loafers are examples of that. The ‘90s vibe has been going strong for several seasons of fashion now, so it’s time to take it to the next level. The look to achieve now is the modern ‘90s mom.

Although fashion has not stooped back to the elastic waistband low, the high waisted denim styles flood the streets and social media feeds. The undesirable carrot fit leg, rolled above the ankle and yes, even the under butt wrinkle of mom jeans has returned to the fashion hall of fame. Why? Mom jeans were conventionally uncool and altogether unappealing, but a fashion first.

As unattractive as mom jeans were were over 20 years ago, they are iconic because they were a form of freedom denim. Women were unconstrained from the hip hugging bell bottomed trend and moved onto a masculine and relaxed fit. The 21st century mom jean made a comeback with little variation. It’s an extremely popular style that is sought after by many.

Fashion blogger Leandra Medine of Man Repeller has mastered the transformation of the revamped ‘90s mom. Her unique method of layering eccentric pieces together to achieve a statement look has served her well. Medine even makes mom jeans look good. Pairing them with collared shirts, blazers and loafers, she brings a 21st century vibe into wearing mom jeans.

Some of her looks even mirror Rachel Green’s outfits, played by Jennifer Aniston, in the popular TV show Friends. Medine went as far as wearing jeans underneath a slip dress with a long sleeved tee-shirt, a common and simple outfit that Green would approve of.

Nothing goes better with mom jeans than a leather belt with a noticeable buckle. By giving the waistline more definition, it raises the quality of an outfit to a more posh level. It also could steer away from a grunge look if that isn’t your thing. Just be mindful of what shoes and top you wear with it.

Speaking of which, let’s talk tops. Anything that is form fitting, high collared and typically a solid color is a go-to for mom jeans. Since the fit of mom jeans can range from a relaxed baggy to a tighter fit, wearing a top that hugs your figure a bit adds more definition to the outfit. Crop tops are also perfect for the ‘90s vibe.

Now, ‘90s shoes were not much to brag about—with the exception of combat boots and Adidas sneakers. So they don’t necessarily need to be replicated unless you want that full platform flip flops experience. A simple pair of black ankle boots, loafers high tops or sneakers will suffice. Roll up your jeans and fold them over once or twice for the full effect.

For a final and fun element, let’s talk burlesque. Fishnet tights are back and as versatile as ever. Usually worn under can-can dresses, they are now used to wear under ripped jeans and with penny loafers as seen on model Alexa Chung. A hint of fishnet spices up the typical distressed denim. Not only are they grungy for day wear, but spicy for evening apparel.

The casual ‘90s fashion is perfect for students. But the best thing about the mom jean trend is that you can either borrow them from your mom for free, or find a cheap pair at a thrift store. There’s no better way to feel stylish than recycling that iconic pair of mom jeans.



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