Cultural and Politically Inspired Collections at Fashion Month 2017

Fashion month 2017 came to a close, leaving the thousands of designs and collections readily available. As most designers tend to gravitate more towards wearable statement fashion, several designers this year took a meaningful turn. Many collections were heavily influenced by nationality and culture—presenting hijabs, kilts and geisha inspired looks.

Indonesian Designer Anniesa Hasibuan presented a collection inspired by her rich cultural heritage. Her models wore pastel ensembles outfitted with hijabs, completed with sashes, Aztec patterns, harem pants and delicate woven fabrics. Hasibuan’s collection made history being the first runway brand to include hijabs and in being the first Indonesian designer to present at New York Fashion Week.


Another culturally rich collection was designer at Paris Fashion week was Rio Uribe’s brand, Gypsy Sport. Uribe’s New York and Los Angeles pride were exposed through his assortment of fashion trends. His designs circulated around the concept of “gender blending,” alternating both male and female models in his assortment of bright tweeds, fringed dresses, planet logos and layering.

For a bold political statement, several designers and fashion icons wore hot pink magnetic pins stating, “Fashion Stands With Planned Parenthood.” The Council of Fashion Designers of America collaborated wit Planned Parenthood to show support of the threatened foundation under President Trump’s policies. Since Planned Parenthood is important to women in America, fashion designers took it upon themselves to defend women’s rights.


With the recent tumultuous upheaval of defending individual rights, several fashion designers were inspired to present their views vicariously through their stunning collections. The mixture of political, cultural and artistic designs prove that people from every corner of the globe can unite together to defend the common good of individual expression, power and freedom.




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